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Founded in 2018, Made In Her Image is a non-profit movement striving towards social equity in the film, media and entertainment industry for  girls & women of color. We serve youths and young people ages 8 to 25 by curating engaging programming to foster media literacy and empowerment.  Additionally, we offer programming and educative media for women who are breaking into the industry.


We are dedicated to the advancement of young girls and women in film, media, and technology, and strive to create and shape the film pioneers and revolutionaries of tomorrow.  Through comprehensive stem development, we're engaging and empowering the next generation of storytellers, above & below the line.

Our mission is to give girls and gender non-binary youths of color the opportunity to create their own vision within the realms of film through programming, camps, workshops and more.  


Learn more about our movement. Our Change Maker Campaign features interviews from our Ambassadors, students and mentors on why MIHI is creating an impact.   

This Giving Tuesday help Made In Her Image raise funding for 2022 with our Change Maker Campaign. 

Your tax- deductible donation allows us to keep going.


This movement will not be televised.

1000 films by 2025.

Women of color rarely get a seat in the director's chair. MADE IN HER IMAGE is going to change that.

According to research from the USC Anneberg School for Communication and Journalism, of the 1,000 top grossing films 

from 2007 to 2016, only five were directed by women of color.

Just 4% of all directors across the 1,000 top films from 2007 to 2016 were female, a ratio of 24 males to every one female director.


Moreover, only three Black females, two Asian females, and one Latina have worked as directors on 1,000 top-grossing films over the last 10 years.



Our Partnerships propel our mission forward!

We have been beyond fortunate to have been able to partner with the industry’s BEST! With their help we are able to achieve our mission. Through their generosity, we are able to access award-winning filmmakers, the best-in-class software, scholarships, and the spaces necessary to watch our visionaries learn and grow. We stand on the shoulders of giants.  

As an emerging grass roots organization, we are seeking partners to help up reach the next level with programming, curriculum, workshops & more.

Made In Her Image, above all, strives to create a community of young and hungry filmmakers, who will be the next generation of change-makers.


Without the help of our community, we would not have been able to reach the astounding heights we have, nor strive to take our community even higher.

We have been beyond fortunate to have been able to partner with Spot 127, Rio Salado College, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix Art Museum, Paramount, Disney Animation Studios, Ford, Universal Studios, AT&T, Sundance, Panavision, Final Draft, SXSW, Disney, Arizona Studio, and CAA.


These organizations have donated so many resources to help us achieve our mission. Whether they provided a space for our camps and screenings, tours of their studios, access to award-winning filmmakers to speak to campers, copies of their software and products for our participants to learn with, or provided grants and financial aid, we have been beyond blessed to be able to work with each and every one. We stand on the shoulders of giants.From the bottom of our hearts, and with the deepest gratitude, we want to thank these and all our community partners for their dedication to diversity and education.