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Legendary trailblazer and actress Cicely Tyson opened doors for many black women in film for over seven decades. After starring in her first film, Carib Gold, the rest was history. Tyson pioneered her way through life with purpose and to spark change. She states, 'there were a number of issues I wanted to address and I wanted to use my career as a platform". This honorary award-winning actress left us with a wide range of historic and relevant films that will remain in our hearts. Tyson left behind her memoir, "Just as I am," which came out on January 26th, 2021, just two days before her passing. Tyson's life and wisdom will forever be a gift; a gift we all were able to witness and will always cherish. As we remember her legacy, we pay homage to Ms. Cicely Tyson as we walk through the many doors she's opened. We thank you, Ms. Cicely Tyson.


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