Artful Wellness

Updated: May 20

Interview by Samia Abuseif

The creation of this blog began for me with a reflection on the intersection of mental and physical health, how poor physical health can have a profound effect on one’s mental health. I knew that pursuing a passion is key to maintaining good mental health. As an aspiring filmmaker with cerebral palsy, I wanted to know of ways to go after the dream of becoming a director while living with a chronic disability. While working with Indie Film Fest in 2020, I met Melissa Gregory Rue, director of Esperanza’s Turn. Her film made its mark on the film festival circuit, having been selected for 21 different film festivals. Beyond her talent, she is very strong and determined. She managed to finish directing Esperanza’s Turn while battling a mysterious undiagnosed illness. I was lucky enough to sit down and have a virtual chat with her about the interconnection of physical and mental health based on her personal experience and what it was like to shoot the film whilst dealing with this illness. I must say, after our in-depth interview, I feel very optimistic about my future