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Director of Operations

Los Angeles, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Remote

Job Type

Full Time

About the Company

We’re excited to be expanding! Made In Her Image is hiring a passionate leader and director of operations for their programs and partnership. Founded in 2018, Made In Her Image is a non-profit movement striving towards social equity in the film, media, and entertainment industry for girls & women of color. We serve youths and young people ages 8 to 25 by curating engaging programming to foster media literacy and empowerment. Additionally, we offer programming and educative media for women who are breaking into the industry.

About the Role

The Director of Operations is responsible for building, managing, and supporting highly effective talent, culture, and operational systems at a rapidly growing non-profit organization that is committed to shifting and creating opportunities for young people ages 8-25. Made In Her Image is leading the way as an innovator in film, media, and technology throughout our networks. The Director of Operations, alongside the Founder/ CEO and Programs Director, will be leading and supporting high-priority strategic initiatives and the overall day-to-day operations of the organization. Initially, much of the work will focus on developing and implementing new/ or existing systems to support MIHI’s strategy and operations and setting us up for growth. Over time, more of the work will focus on the continuous improvement of these systems, and strategic initiatives for New Earth and specific programs.

Duties and Responsabilities

- Develop strategic initiatives and organizational management

- Conduct qualitative and quantitative data analyses around organizational challenges and develop strategies that are executable and replicable to manage these challenges

- Track outcomes and data and provide detailed monthly reports across all programs based on this data

- Manage and maintain the MIHI partner information tracking database continually improving and adding to its functionality

- Interface with public and private partners including businesses, stakeholders, clients, mentees, volunteers, and community partners.

- Work closely with marketing support to maintain and communicate MIHI brand and messaging

- Carry out other strategic initiatives and special projects for MIHI’s executive team

- Plan and lead MIHI team meetings and learning opportunities, including identifying and supporting opportunities for learning between MIHI programs

- Manage relationships and partnerships with external partners

- Provide support to develop and implement MIHI's new strategic planning and accountability systems and processes, working closely with MIHI leadership and program directors

- Serve as a thought partner to the MIHI leadership team

- Develop, execute day-to-day, and continuously improve talent, operations, workflow, and HR systems for MIHI and its programs, including recruitment, selection, onboarding, personnel policies and benefits, and employee HR support, providing excellent support to the staff ofMIHI and each of its programs

- Working with MIHI’s leadership team, develop and maintain a positive and inclusive team culture for MIHI’s and MIHI’s programs, ensuring all employees have the support they need to thrive, all voices are heard, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

- Develop and manage systems to oversee operations functions for MIHI and its programs, including planning for and improving the scalability of systems as MIHI grows systems for task management as well as outcome tracking systems

- Oversee technology contractor and IT services for MIHI, ensuring high-quality services that allow staff to work effectively, efficiently and frustration-free

- Working closely with the MIHI Finance team, providing support on administrative finance tasks and systems

- Provide support to the Development team in completing grant applications and reports for funders

- Develop and manage systems to holistically track and connect development needs, opportunities, grants, and reports across New Earth programs

- Be on a constant mission to make us better! Be on the lookout for organizational needs and opportunities, and develop and implement new systems and processes to ensure that the organization and team run smoothly, effectively, and inclusively

- And more new projects will always come up. Someone with enthusiasm and curiosity will find endless opportunities to contribute!


- Self-starter, able to work autonomously as well as take direction as needed

- Strong written and verbal communication skills

- Exceptional ability to simplify and identify salient takeaways from complex conversations/challenges

- Strong organizational skills; extreme attention to detail and follow-through

- Enthusiastic about giving and receiving feedback

- Experience scaling an organization to several times its size at a growth rate of 25-50%+ per year.

- Proven track record in building networks in new markets through the engagement of all stakeholders including city staff, elected officials, the business community, and the charter school community including authorizers and other organizations.


12 Months


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Starting at 30k

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