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"I founded Made In her Image because simply put, I didn't see myself".


MIHI was founded in 2018 by MALAKAI, an award winning Los Angeles and Phoenix based director and philanthropist who has made it her mission to be a disrupter within the media & entertainment industry.

The inspiration to create social change came through experience.  A lack of self-confidence as well as a lack of identifiable equitable resources as an emerging director, led her to often feel isolated within an entertainment industry that rarely reflected her or saw her.

Spending four years as a STEM and media educator while forging her way as an emerging director, Malakai saw first hand how the lack of representation affected the self esteem of young girls & women, especially those of color.  Made In Her Image was founded out of a need to not only provide equity within the fields of film, media & technology, but to create and empower young women & non-binary youth to create a space for themselves in the industry. 


Malakai founded MIHI through grassroots organizing and community passion. Her mission is to strategically build a career pipeline and place representation directly into the hands of the young women & communities who need it the most.  Through organizing, Malakai has curated  multi-city workshops and programs garnered towards educational advancement.  

Made In Her Image launched July of 2018 in Phoenix Arizona and within their first year, partnered with Spot 127 and Phoenix Center For The Arts. For their Los Angeles launch in 2018, they partnered with The Computer Club House Network and premiered participant films at CAA, the premiere talent agency in Los Angeles.


They have also partnered with Panavision, Sundance, Universal, Disney and Ford Motors (and more) to give camp alumni exclusive access to firsthand knowledge of the film industry. Now in the start of it's third year of operations, Made In Her Image has served more than 400 participants in the Greater Los Angeles and Phoenix areas. 90% of current and former participants have expressed a desire to continue their education and pursue a career in media. MIHI hopes to continue to serve these budding young filmmakers and those across the globe for years to come.   Made In Her Image is  currently getting awarded at SXSW 2020 for the Community Service Awards for it's work within philanthropy and engagement.



Founder & Ceo

Jessica Ramirez

Director of Content

Jireh Deng 



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